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Terms Of Use

Terms of use for guess and shoot application :-

Our terms of use page will guide you to know how to deal with our application and will let you know the terms of the application to avoid violating these terms and to avoid the ban:

First: General conditions for guess and shoot application :-

1- If you wish to register in our application, you must agree to the terms of use provided on this page or any conditions added or modified by our application administration at any time.

2- If there is any question or problem facing any client, he should immediately contact us to answer his question or resolve that problem as soon as possible.

3- Any client can access to our application to view and browse in it (as a visitor) and then, he can register in it.

4- Our application welcomes all the opinions of the participants, which help us to develop our application and add more competitions in it, and we will work on the implementation of all appropriate opinions.

5- yearly or Monthly or daily tokens prizes will be announced by the application administration before the start of the competition or entire football season.

6- It is possible for subscribers with correct predictions for the results of matches and tournaments to receive tokens prizes (and their financial equivalent), so it is possible for us to advertise and publicize this via social media, and the profits of subscribers are sent when they reach forty tokens or more via PayPal and Neteller STC pay and Western Union.

# Important note: every 40 tokens is equivalent to twenty dollars, and you are not entitled to request the equation for tokens only for multiples of the number 40 only, for example: 40, 80, 120 and so on.

7- Guess and shoot application administration requests from all the participants to fully comply with all the conditions of the application.

Second: the conditions for dealing with guess and shoot application: 

1- In order for clients to register in our application, They should provide our application with all the data that our application requests from them.

2- Clients can pay subscriptions to remove Ads by the application administration through Google Play store .( optional).

3- The application has the right to stop or block a subscriber's account if it violates the terms of use of the application which is mentioned on this page more than once.

4- Our application does competitions to make the users expecting the result of the matches and the winners will win points and tokens prize . And these winners of tokens are selected in a random way by computer ,As for the Championships and the Best Icon, rank it icon the one winner per contest will win of tokens and the rest of the participants with the correct expectations will win points. When they reach a certain number of points, the application will give them tokens prizes for collecting these points. ( monthly and yearly).

5- There is no gambling or any kind of bets inside our application. ( Complies with the terms and conditions of Islamic law ).

6- The administration of our application tries not to cause any malfunction or stopping of the service that we provide to our clients, and if it occurs any kind of a malfunction outside our control, Or a change in the store policy that led to the application being discontinued , the application administration will disclaim any responsibility for Transferring any cash or any damage to the client as a result of this malfunction.

7- It is forbidden for anyone to say bad words inside our application, and the comments should relate to the expectation of the results of the matches. Anyone say bad words inside our application, he will expose his account to the prohibition.

8- The balance of the tokens remains with the user, while the points return to the starting point (zero) with the beginning of each season.

9- The user is not entitled to claim any equivalent of tokens unless the balance is 40 tokens or its multiples only.

10- Guess and shoot copyright:

All types of content and services exist in the Guess and shoot application is owned only by the application, and anyone who tries to copy or paste or use anything related to the Guess and shoot application, he will expose himself for legal accountability and prosecution by the administration of the application of Guess and shoot.