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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for Guess and shoot application :-

We know well the importance of the personal data of the clients for them. We seek in all ways to preserve their data and to be fully safe in our application. We consider our privacy policy page serves as a guide who guides our clients to know how we use their data and the data that we collect from them and how we protect these data. We thank our dear clients for reading this page. These are the items of our privacy policy page, as follows:-

1- The data and information that our application collects from the subscribers :-

You can freely access our application as a visitor and browse it, and if you want to register in our application, you have to provide our application with some of the data required of you as follows name, email, mobile number and password .

2- The client's responsibility in our application : -

When you register in our application, it means that you are responsible for saving your password, not providing anyone with information about your password. Our application disclaims its responsibility if there is any harm happen to the client as a result of the client telling someone else his password.


3- The confidentiality of financial dealings that take place inside the application : -

All financial dealings between us and our clients will be completely safe. We use the best protection measures to implement this.

4- Protecting clients' data:

It is our responsibility to maintain our client data on our application. We seek in all ways to make client data fully secure in our application.

5- Guess and shoot rights : -

We ask our dear participants to view our privacy policy page from time to time, because we have the full right to add any new item or delete any item that exists on this page or even modify it at any time if the administration of the application of Guess and shoot deems it necessary to do this. Please follow up to be aware of any additions or modifications that had been implemented.

6- Guess and shoot copyright :

Inside our application, there are a lot of content and services which are owned by the application Guess and shoot only. It is forbidden for any institution or company or application or website or company to copy or paste anything owned by Guess and shoot application. Any person does anything that causes damage to our application or uses anything owned by our application. He will expose himself or his company or his site or his application for a legal accountability by the application administration.